Like many Council Grove, KS drivers, you may be pining away for a brand new car even though you're less than excited about the cost. At Longbine Auto Plaza, we've got all of the latest and most in-demand Nissan, Toyota and Chevy models at incredibly low prices. When you shop our massive inventory of pre-owned vehicles, you can get a late-model car that looks and drives just like new. You'll get all the proverbial bells and whistles, and without having to spend beyond your means.

Buying Pre-Owned Is Your Opportunity to Capitalize on Early Depreciation

Throughout much of their first year of use, new cars lose a tremendous amount of value, and at a very rapid rate. Moreover, most of this value comes off just as soon as they're purchased and driven away. Rather than experiencing the loss of depreciation firsthand, you can make it work for you. Our pre-owned Buick, Toyota and Ford models have already undergone their first-year depreciation. With few miles driven, pristine interiors, and some of the latest and most cutting-edge features and amenities, they're virtually indistinguishable from new automobiles.

We Build Our Inventory with Great Care

We've got an impressive and long-standing reputation for selling high-quality pre-owned autos. We're incredibly devoted to making sure that these transactions are convenient, hassle-free, and all-around pleasant from end-to-end, much of our work is done in building our inventory. We go out of our way to acquire models that people want and that have been diligently maintained by their former owners. Before we choose models for our lot, our own trusted team of mechanics makes sure that every aspect of these autos meets our incredibly high expectations.

Finding an attractive, reliable vehicle at an affordable price is easy when you shop at Longbine Auto Plaza. You'll have the benefit of free vehicle history reports, a friendly and knowledgeable sales team, and ample opportunity to tour and test-drive the different options that we offer. Call or come see us today to find your next car, truck or SUV.

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