1Dealer Discount applied to everyone. Courtesy transport vehicles may have higher mileage than other new vehicles.

What Makes a Used Truck from Longbine Auto Plaza Special?

Owning a truck provides you with the opportunity to have a capable workhorse and a comfortable daily driver with plenty of power to get you anywhere in Council. However, this versatility comes with a substantial price tag, especially when purchasing a brand-new truck. For this reason, we at Longbine Auto Plaza take pride in offering you an affordable option with similar features and capabilities. Our vast lineup of used trucks consists of known brands such as Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, and Ram.


A used Chevrolet truck has an unmatched capability rating to enable you to perform your farm duties or transport your construction across Grove, KS, with ease. Powered by various engine options, a used Chevrolet Silverado will give you enough power and torque figures to ensure you can overcome any strenuous duty with ease. Furthermore, the used Chevy truck has several towing features, including a trailering package, optional tow mirrors, and a max trailering package. Due to the powerful engine options available in a used Chevy model, you will enjoy a significant towing capacity that allows you to tag along with a boat as you embark on your family get-away from Eureka, KS.


Aside from having unique towing and off-road capabilities, a used truck also offers you unmatched practicality. With plenty of space within the cabin, a used Chevy Silverado offers you enough seating space to hold five passengers with plenty of legroom and headroom to make your trips to Osage City more comfortable. Therefore, a used truck doubles as a workhorse, a daily driver, and a capable family vehicle suited for adventurous tours on any terrain.


Our used Ram, GMC, Ford, and Chevy trucks assure you of a stress-free ownership period courtesy of the intense checks by our certified technicians. Moreover, a vehicle history from previous owners makes it easy to spot a poorly maintained truck and avoid purchasing.

Kindly visit us at Longbine Auto Plaza in any of our showrooms located in Burlington, KS, to experience the feeling of owning a used truck. For more information, contact us today, and our team will be more than willing to assist.